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AGREMENT TO THE TERMS                

Purplestone Leisure & Entertainment Company Limited (collectively with the "Administrator," Purplestonemall.Com) and the purchaser/seller of goods or services agree to these Terms of Service (the "Terms"), which are a legally binding and enforceable agreement. These Terms regulate the utilization of the Puprplestonemall.com website and mobile applications, in addition to any data, services, or content accessible through them (collectively referred to as the "Service" or the "Platform").                

The Administrator shall furnish the User/Seller of Goods and/or Services with a Marketplace Platform. In exchange, the Seller shall consent to sell the advertised goods or services directly to the Buyer.                

In addition to guarantees concerning the products' commercial value, condition, quality, performance, longevity, accuracy, and dependability, the Seller shall furnish the Buyer with express or implied warranties concerning the aforementioned aspects.                 
The User/Seller shall furnish the Buyer with all pertinent information regarding the Goods or Services, including but not limited to the price, available quantity, detailed description, and quality assurance.                


Contrary to what is stated                

For any products or services advertised or sold on the Platform that violate the rights of a third party, fail to meet the specified criteria for condition, quality, performance, life expectancy, accuracy, dependability, commercial value, and suitability for the intended purpose, the Administrator disclaims all warranties and guarantees.                 
The Platform's Users/Sellers' published goods and services are beyond the Administrator's jurisdiction and cannot be guaranteed with regard to their existence, quality, safety, or legality.                 
The Administrator neither confirms nor accepts liability for the Seller's capacity to supply services or sell products.                 
The Administrator neither guarantees that a User/Seller will complete a transaction nor accepts liability for the Buyer's nonpayment of goods or services received.                


Services for Platforms                

The marketplace of the platform enables the user or vendor to distribute announcements and advertisements in addition to selling products. The purchasers must be informed of the product's price, available quantity, a comprehensive description, and a quality guarantee from the user or seller.                 
It shall be the exclusive responsibility of the User/Seller of Goods to gather and remit all relevant Federal and State Taxes that arise from the sale of their services or products advertised on the Platform.                 
In the event that a User/Seller posts any offensive announcements/advertisements that violate the rights or legal interests of other Users, Legal Entities, or Individuals, or in violation of any applicable law or regulation, the Administrator reserves the right to remove or deny access to the Platform of such content without prior notice.                 
Without prior notification to Users/Sellers, the administrator reserves the prerogative to modify the service as required.                 
All Product Content and Prices are the sole responsibility of the User/Seller of products on the Platform.                 
No responsibility is assumed by the administrator for any user-generated content.                 
Regarding the quality, suitability, or accuracy of any User Content, the Administrator provides no assurances.                 
Any interaction or transaction between a Seller and a Buyer of products or services on the Platform shall not render the Administrator liable or responsible for any loss or damage.                



When required, a User/Seller shall furnish the Administrator with the specifics of the advertisement they intend to publish on the Platform, accompanied by the necessary supporting documentation.                 
When posting an advertisement on the Platform for the sale of goods or provision of services, a User/Seller shall be obligated to furnish comprehensive information regarding the goods and services, including the price of the products for sale and a guarantee of their quality.                 
For each advertised post, a User/Seller shall be obligated to remit payment to the Administrator.                 
Paid advertisements will ONLY be published on the platform for the agreed-upon time period by the administrator. The User shall be responsible for paying an additional fee contingent on the requested extension period for each renewal of the period. Throughout the duration of a particular transaction that the Seller and the Buyer have already executed, the price of the products or services must be precise and remain unchanged.                



I certify that the personal information I have supplied to the Administrator is complete and true.                 
That you will promptly update any necessary personal information in order to ensure its continued veracity and precision.                 
You agree to utilize the Platform in full adherence to all relevant Federal and State laws, regulations, rules, and guidelines, as well as the Administrative Rules.                 
That you shall not utilize the Platform in an unauthorized or unlawful manner.                 
That no advertisement for the sale of prohibited items or products shall be published on the Platform.                 
That the products available for purchase in your store are under your legal ownership and title.                 
That no advertisement shall be published on the Platform that violates the rights or interests of another individual.                 
That you will not promote a product or service on the Platform with deceptive, misleading, or false information.                




1. Purplestone Mall safeguards our patrons' interests by enforcing that all vendors offer solely brand-new, authentic, and high-quality merchandise. A merchant should never, under any circumstances, showcase an item on the platform and subsequently ship a customer a replacement item that is of inferior quality or has different specifications.            

Each and every one of the displayed images must correspond to the product that was delivered. Customers will be eligible and permitted to initiate returns; however, in the event that the error occurs on the seller's part, all return-related expenses will be the seller's responsibility.            

2. When listing products on purplestonemall.com, the vendor is required to provide comprehensive and accurate information. The information should comprise the following: product name, price, product description/details, weight, quantity, and photographs that have been taken appropriately.            

3. The vendor ensures that the product-related information displayed on purplestonemall.com complies with all legal obligations, with specific attention to consumer protection information requirements.            

4. Your ability to offer a wide range of products for sale is unrestricted, provided that you possess the necessary inventory and can ensure timely delivery. Please revise your store's inventory to reflect any out-of-stock items that may be displayed.            

The vendor ensures that the data supplied does not infringe upon the copyright of any third party.            

6. Immediately after receiving a confirmation of sale via email or text message, the vendor will process the order or orders and coordinate delivery.            

7. Pupils for shipment must be packaged with every conceivable precaution. Due to improper product packaging, Purplestone Mall shall not be obligated to provide compensation for any resulting damages.            

8. Since the delivery time specified on purplestonemall.com is legally enforceable, merchants must ensure that all orders are completed within one to three business days for deliveries within Lagos, and three to five business days for deliveries outside Lagos, subsequent to order confirmation.            

9.Purplestone Mall must be notified of the order cancellation or cancellation notice within twenty-four hours of the order's receipt, if the vendor is unable to fulfill the order due to product unavailability.        

10. It is recommended that all vendors prioritize the availability of advertised products and services to the fullest extent possible. We recommend that physical product suppliers maintain a minimum stock quantity of three units per product.            




What do the commission fees for Purplestone Mall amount to?        


For each product sold via the Purplestone Mall platform, all vendors consent to remit a predetermined percentage commission of 5% to Purplestone Mall. 

Purplestone Mall reserves the right to impose supplementary charges at any time for the sale of merchandise via the platform. These may comprise, but are not restricted to, fees for enhanced marketing, listing, and multiple photographs. If additional fees are imposed, the vendor will be duly informed in writing prior to their implementation and will be provided with the opportunity to decline them.              




When a customer pays directly to Purplestone Mall, the seller shall receive payment from Purplestone Mall no later than three business days after the customer has completed the refund/exchange period.             
Regardless of whether payment is made in cash or electronically upon delivery, Purplestone Mall will require the seller to remit payment in the amount of the agreed commission rate within three business days of the order's delivery and the expiration of the customer's exchange/refund grace period.            


Seller/user indemnification                

By utilizing the Marketplace, the User/Seller agrees to hold the Administrator, its Successors, Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Employees, Directors, Agents, and Representatives of each of them harmless against any claim or demand. This includes any VAT liability or other tax liability that may be incurred in connection with a sale, supply, or purchase made through the Marketplace. Additionally, the User/Seller shall be responsible for paying any VAT or other tax that is duly due in any jurisdiction.                



The data, text, images, and other materials that you submit or publish on the Platform (the "User Content"), in addition to the information you provide during registration, shall retain your exclusive intellectual property.                 
The Administrator makes no claim to the copyright or other forms of proprietary intellectual property rights pertaining to the User Content and registration information.                 
In addition, the Administrator is obligated to maintain duplicates of all registration information and user content. Such information and user content shall only be utilized to the extent that it is reasonably required or ancillary to the Platform's functioning, as outlined in these terms of service.                



Disputes between the User and the Administrator regarding these Terms of Service Policy shall be arbitrated in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with a final resolution pending therein.                 
In order to resolve the dispute, a single arbitrator will be designated with the agreement of both parties.                 
Disputes that arise in Lagos or Abuja shall be arbitrated from Lagos or Abuja, correspondingly, the seat of the arbitration.                



Please contact us at hello@purplestonemall.com or by phone at 07066712286 (9am-5pm) with any inquiries or concerns pertaining to the Platform Marketplace that fall within the scope of these Terms of Use Policy.                


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